Discover 5 Benefits of Moving to Salesforce Lightning for your Business


Discover 5 Benefits of Moving to Salesforce Lightning for your Business

Discover 5 Benefits of Moving to Salesforce Lightning for Your Business

We live in a constantly changing dynamic field of business, and hence keeping up with the latest developments in corporate technology is not only advantageous but essential. For those you don’t know, Salesforce Lightning is a game-changing solution for enterprises that aim for productivity, efficiency, and seamless operations.

With this blog, we at Advayan will help you discover the main benefits of moving to Salesforce Lightning. Not only does this dynamic platform streamline procedures and improve user experiences, but it also opens doors to a world of possibilities. Salesforce Lightning is a business growth catalyst, offering enhanced customer relationship management and improved productivity. It’s more than simply a tool.

Read along to explore the top five benefits that await your business in Salesforce Lightning. 

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What is Salesforce Lightning?

Before we explore how Salesforce Lightning can transform your business venture, it’s first important to understand what exactly is salesforce lightning.

Salesforce Lightning is a toolset designed to enhance development and user experience on the Salesforce platform. It acts as a framework for creating modern, responsive web applications.

Key Components of Salesforce lightning

1. Lightning Component Framework: Allows developers to build reusable components, simplifying development and promoting code modularity.

2. Lightning Experience: Streamlined and action-oriented, it enhances workflow efficiency, especially in sales processes, with a user-friendly interface.

3. Lightning Platform: The foundation supporting Lightning components and applications, offering building blocks for customized apps and websites in the Salesforce ecosystem.

How does Salesforce Lightning Affect Workflow and Productivity?

How does Salesforce Lightning affect workflow and productivity?

Salesforce Lightning significantly transforms workflow and boosts productivity through its innovative features and user-centric design:

1. Modern User Experience: Salesforce Lightning introduces a more intuitive and modern interface, improving user experience and making tasks easier to perform.

2. Lightning Framework: The Lightning Framework accelerates workflow, providing a productive environment for users. It streamlines processes, making jobs more efficient and reducing the time required for various tasks.

3. Activity Actions: Salesforce Lightning Experience offers Activity Actions, enhancing productivity by ensuring that daily activity actions and buttons are easily accessible, making users feel more at home on the platform.

4. Rich Component Collection: One of the key advantages is the rich collection of components in Salesforce Lightning, optimizing workflow efficiency and contributing to increased productivity.

5. Automation with Salesforce Flows: Salesforce Flows, integrated into Lightning, automates repetitive tasks, guides users through processes, and ensures a seamless and efficient workflow, maximizing productivity.

Why should you Migrate to Salesforce Lightning? Know in Detail.

Salesforce Lightning migration brings a myriad of advantages, enhancing both user experience and overall business efficiency:

Enhanced User Experience: Salesforce Lightning provides an intuitive and modern interface, significantly improving the user experience and making tasks more efficient and user-friendly.

Increased Sales Productivity: Migrating to Salesforce Lightning has increased sales productivity, with reports of a 25% improvement in win rates and enhanced efficiency for sales teams.

Optimized Workflow Efficiency: Salesforce Lightning offers a rich collection of components, streamlining workflows and providing customizable solutions for developers, businesses, and administrators.

Outstanding Back-End Design: Beyond end-user benefits, Salesforce Lightning adoption provides outstanding back-end design, ensuring a seamless integration of processes and data.

Customization and Automation: Salesforce Flows, integrated into Lightning, automates repetitive tasks, guides users through processes, and ensures a seamless and efficient workflow, maximizing productivity.

Salesforce Lightning Benefits for Different Personas

Salesforce Lightning Benefits for Different Personas

Salesforce Lightning brings a multitude of benefits, catering to different personas within an organization:

Greater Productivity: Salesforce Lightning App’s intuitive interface and enhanced functionalities contribute to a more efficient workflow, boosting overall productivity.

Saved Time and Dollars: The transition to Salesforce Lightning has demonstrated significant cost savings in terms of time and dollars. New research indicates an average of 25% IT cost savings with Salesforce.

Third-Party Integrations and Customizations: Salesforce Lightning offers robust support for third-party integrations and customizations, allowing organizations to tailor the platform to their specific needs and seamlessly integrate with another tool.

Modernized User Interface: Salesforce Lightning’s modern and visually appealing interface contributes to a better user experience, making tasks more intuitive and user-friendly.

Certainty for the Future: Choosing Salesforce Lightning provides organizations with a future-proof solution. The platform is continuously updated and evolves with technological advancements, ensuring long-term viability.


Finally, the path to Salesforce Lightning reveals a plethora of benefits that have the potential to ignite revolutionary changes in your company. Salesforce Lightning embraces automation to create a more efficient and accurate sales process. Because the platform supports quick app creation, customers can quickly adapt solutions to changing needs.

Key improvements include enhanced user interfaces and more productivity, which provide end users with a seamless experience. Salesforce Lightning ensures accessibility and usability on the go by aligning with the contemporary work dynamic as we go into the mobile-friendly landscape.

Moreover, the switch to Salesforce Lightning is a calculated step toward the future rather than merely a temporary improvement. Salesforce Lightning protects your investment by providing a future-proof solution with regular updates and technology advancements.

We’d suggest you all carefully consider these benefits, and alterations that salesforce lighting can bring in for your business before you make the switch!